Droid RAZR: Save Photos From SMS Text Messages

Your friend has sent you a wonderful photo to your Motorola Droid RAZR via an SMS text message. Naturally, you want to save the photo to the memory of your phone. Doing so can be confusing to figure out. Don’t worry though, we’ve got the steps for you.

1. View the message thread that contains the photo.

2. Tap and hold the photo while in it’s small thumbnail form in the message thread.

3. You should have an option to save the photo. Select it.

4. The photo is saved automatically to a folder called “Messaging”. You will be able to view it from the Gallery app.


  1. Kim says

    FYI I learned the hard way that this method works, but the pictures are not backed up to the cloud and I lost all my pics that were saved this way. how do I then move these from the ‘downloads’ gallery to an album that will be backed up to the cloud or to my sms card?

  2. Michael Paxton says

    Just a note. Press and hold picture while it’s not in full screen mode and you will get the option to save it. It will just zoom if you are in full screen mode. Hope this helps.

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