Droid RAZR: How to Send Picture or Video Via MMS Text Message

Share your pictures or videos with friends via text message by sending an MMS message from your Verizon Motorola Droid RAZR.

1. Open the Text app.

2. Compose a new message, then tap Menu Droid RAZR menu button.

3. Select Insert…

4. Select Existing video or Existing picture as desired. You can also select New video or New picture if you wish to use the camera to make something new and send it.

5. Select Gallery if prompted with an option.

6. Select the video or picture.

7. Type a message if you like, then press Send.


  1. Walter Jones says

    I have a Motorola Droid Razr (not Maxx) & get this message, ” Sorry, you cannot add this video to your message. Try a smaller video or compose a new one using Insert New Video. …. but nothing works either way ?? .. what can I do ??

  2. mike says

    can you attach a picture and music on same text ? im having trouble on my razr hd find it hard to believe i could do it on my old droid htc eois or somthing? and not this one any help would be great

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