Droid RAZR: How to Disable 4G/LTE Connection

The Motorola Droid RAZR smartphone supports a powerful 4G connection. That connection can sometimes cause the battery to drain faster than with a 3G phone. Especially if you are using the phone in an area that doesn’t support a 4G signal. For this reason, you may want to disable the 4G/LTE connection on the Droid RAZR using these steps.

Disable 4G On Droid RAZR

If you have upgraded your Droid RAZR to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), the setting to turn 4G off has been removed. You can however use the LTE OnOFF app that was made for the Thunderbolt to accomplish this.

If you don’t have Android 4, you can go to¬†Settings > Wireless & networks > Network Mode and change the setting to CDMA Only. With this setting, the Droid RAZR will then only utilize a 3G connection and save precious battery life.

If you wish to set the device to 4G/LTE again in the future, simply change this setting back to LTE / CDMA.

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