Droid Incredible 2: Insert/Remove SD Card

Accessing the SD card is a little tricky on the Verizon HTC Droid Incredible 2. Here’s how to insert and remove it.

1. Start peeling away the back cover using the slot at the bottom of the device.

Incredible2 remove back

2. Work your way up, peeling the cover off from bottom to top.┬áThe cover is very flexible, so don’t worry too much about breaking it.

Incredible2 remove cover

3. With the phone flipped over, locate the SD card slot near the lower-left corner of the phone. You’ll see the top of the SD card. Push it in to pop it out for removal.

Incredible2 SDcard removed

4. When you’re ready to re-insert the card, just slide it back into the slot, then push it until it clicks into place.


  1. Kris says

    Wow! Thank you so much, I almost sent back my old phone with the SD card. Thank you again!

  2. Dave says

    Thank you and ditto to all the above! The pics and the simple steps made this much easier! I just switched from Incredible to Incredible 2 so had not had to change the SIM or SD cards before and they weren’t as obvious as one would think. This was extremely helpful and thank you again!

  3. melinda says

    same thing amanda said. SUPER helpful especially actually pointing out the slot for the SD card. thank you!!!!!!!!

  4. Amanda says

    Thank you so much. In this instance, pictures are worth a thousand words! Very helpful, thought I was going crazy trying to find this.

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