Droid: Error – “The application Email (process com.android.email) has stopped unexpectedly.”

Yet another problem with the mostly great, but sometimes clunky Android OS on my Motorola Droid. Whenever I opened the Email app, it would kick up a Fatal Error:

The application Email (process com.android.email) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.

So the application wouldn’t open, and I couldn’t get to my email. Reboots didn’t do a thing. Neither did reconfiguring email. Luckily I found a solution.

1. Open the Settings app.

2. Tap Applications.

3. Tap Manage Applications.

4. Press Menu.

5. Tap Filter.

6. Tap All.

7. Tap Email.

8. Tap Clear data. (Yep! It will wipe out all of your account data. You should be able to rebuild it fine though.)

Clear Email app data

9. Tap OK on the warning.

10. Go back into the Email app and setup your email account again. It should work just fine.


  1. Bart says

    Didn’t work for me either. Hmm. Used to work fine on my old Motorola. Now won’t work on my new Samsung Galaxy S2. I cosign w/ Stephan. We been jacked by Google. No Microsoft allowed.

  2. Samu Has says

    Thank you so much Mitch. Your solution is of a great help to me too. I was trying a lot of things to solve the problem but none of them were successful. Thank you again. May God bless your mind unmeasurably and make you a man of solution in Jesus name.

  3. Stefan Schreier says

    I apologize for my earlier suspicions of google. It turns out that the email on my phone, a T-mobile Concord with Android 2.3.7 gingerbread, will work for some email accounts but not others. Why this is I have no idea. Anyway, one of my accounts works just fine on this phone, while the other one causes the email application to crash. These accounts are on different servers, in different geographical locations, with possibly different operating systems.

  4. Stefan Schreier says

    I cleared the cache and re setup my email but the next day it crashed again. Reading all these posts where everyone seems to be having this problem and no one seems to have an answer, I have a suggestion: Maybe google put this bug in the android email app deliberately so that people would use gmail instead.

  5. Ron says

    Like some others, when I get to “manage applications”, I am unable to find any “menu”. HELP!?

  6. Nagarajan says

    Mitch, the solution worked great. Have another different issue though.
    I am unable to establish connection to Kies software, looks to be a driver issue. Any thoughts?

  7. Janet says

    I too have a week old Android based phone, and this happened to me. Greatly appreciate the fix, it worked great! Thanks!!

  8. Keith says

    Thanks for the advice. I deleted emails up to just before the problem started, and my Samsung Ace came back to life. No resetting needed. Thanks again.

  9. Josef Johansson says

    Thank you!

    I just deleted the e-mails for the day that my E-mail client died on my Dell Streak (froyo 2.2) from my web-mail using my computer. Emptied the data and catch for my E-mail client on my Streak and it works. I narrowed it down to a e-mail with some heavy java-build-pictures that the E-mail client cud not handle and shut down every time it was synchronising with the web-mail server. I tested, just for fun, to send my self the e-mail again. The same problem occurred. Then i just deleted the mail without emptying the catch and it work too. I found the SCADA-webbpage containing the animated java pictures that i can see in my winXP-explorer but my froyo2.2 web-explorer can not handle them, show them. Something about the java-script i think.

  10. Kirk says

    I have the solution to the process com.android.email problem. It has nothing to do with clearing the cache and resetting the email program. That may be a temp fix but the root cause will still exist. When I had the problem I read all the forums and did the reset as well as other suggestions (changing the SSL designation, etc.), but it all proved futile. Then I noticed that after the reset my refresh of my email program only loaded emails to a specific day and then the crash would occur. It happened to be the day that the program crash first appeared. I decided to delete the email from that particular day (using my home computer). I also deleted the email from the deleted box. Viola! Problem gone. There were only a couple emails on that day and the one I suspect caused the problem was from Australia (I’m in the US). I’m not a major techie but there may be some coding problems with that email that the android operating system was having an issue with. I presently have an Epic 4G but I also had this same problem with my HTC Hero. I went through 3 Heros having this issue trying to fix and it never did. So I thought it was something with HTC and was glad to go back to Samsung. Then when it happened with the 4G I was quite upset. I don’t usually get email from overseas but do from time to time. I have been dealing with one client from England recently and have no issues. But there is a strong possibility that during the HTC crashes, I was dealing with a different client from Australia. So, I’m not sure if the Aussie connection is specific or just one of others.

  11. Kirsten Rowe says

    When I get to “manage applications”, I am unable to find any prompt / button for “menu”. Where can I find that?

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