Droid: Enable Caps Lock or Num Lock

I’ve never really used Caps Lock or Num Lock feature on my Motorola Droid because I never learned how. After owning the phone for 4 months, you’d think I would’ve learned how to enable it by now. I’ve accidentally stumbled on it a few times, so I was curious as to how it’s done. I was blown away when I learned how simple it was.

  • Caps Lock: From the¬†physical¬†keyboard, quickly press the Shift key (the key with the arrow pointing up toward the line) two times and it will be enabled. From the on-screen keyboard, double-tap the ABC key.
  • Num Lock: Using the physical keyboard, you can quickly press the ALT key twice on. The on-screen keyboard is easier since the ?123 is used to enable it.

When you’re done typing in all caps or numbers, simply press the key once again and the feature is disabled.

All caps on Droid

That’s all there is to enabling Caps Lock or Num Lock! Now I can shout at people on Twitter or annoy people who dislike emails written in all caps. You can also use this tip with any other Android phone such as the Droid Eris, G1 or Nexus One. Of course the portion about the physical keyboard won’t work on phones without a physical keyboard. Duh!


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