Droid: Create Contact Shortcut Icon

If you have a person you have to call often, create a Contact Shortcut icon for the person right on the Home screen of your Droid smartphone. Just follow these steps:

1. Tap and hold an open space on the Home screen.

2. Select Shortcut.

Droid Shortcuts option

3. Choose Contact. (Use Direct dial if you want the icon to just dial the phone number directly.)

Droid Contact Shortcut option

4. Select the Contact you wish to add to the Home screen.

5. The shortcut icon is created.

Shortcut icon created


  1. Chetan says

    I want to create shortcut on home screen for Group ID so that with one touch Group SMS can be sent to perticular grop, I am using Samsung S3

  2. david says

    Jason – i have the exact same issue – the text option is the one i use most frequently – did you ever figure out how to get the text option back?

  3. Jason says

    I love this. The other day though, when I click on the contact to chose my method of contact, the option to text message has disappeared. I can’t figure out how to get it back.

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