Droid 2: Copy Music Files

Copy music files from your computer to your Verizon Motorola Droid 2 smartphone and enjoy music wherever you go.

1. Connect the Droid 2 to your computer.

2. On the device, slide the notification box down tap Media Share, then tap OK.

3. Tap Memory Card Management, then tap OK.

4. A removable disk should now be available from your computer. For organizational purposes, create a folder named Music within the removable disk. This is optional.

5. Drag and drop any non-DRM music files from your computer to the Music folder.

6. Eject the removable disk when you are doing copying the music files.

That’s all there is!

Windows users may want to explore using the popular doubleTwist application to manage media on the Droid 2. doubleTwist provides an ‘iTunes like’ interface and will automatically find all media on your PC and make it easy to transfer your music, pictures and movies to any Android device.

Another option is to copy the music directly from iTunes.


  1. melissa says

    When I go in to media share. it pops up saying “the memory card is missing. insert a memory card to access media share”

    But there is a memory card in there. i’ve tried it with two memory cards now. same thing

  2. Andy says

    My Macbook Pro is telling me that the “Memory card is not readable.” Is there something wrong with my phone/computer?

  3. Bob Bildar says

    This is what I get with the droid 2 connected to the PC (on the DROID 2 screen): The memory card is missing. Insert a memory card to access Media Share. Why?

  4. PFouts says

    downloaded my itunes purchased songs from library to droid2, but phone states: Sorry player does not support this type of audio file.

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