Download Apps For Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Download apps for Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 and start doing more with the device. There are tons of apps out there, and many different ways to acquire them.  Here are a few options to get you started.

Download Apps from Google Play

The “Play Store” app comes with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and is the central place to obtain apps.

  1. Select the app slider located at the lower-right portion of the Home screen.
  2. Open the “Play Store app.
  3. Choose a category or tap the magnifying glass to search for an app.
  4. Tap the app you wish to install.
  5. Tap “Install” or “Buy“.
    Note: You are allowed to try purchased apps for 15 minutes. If you decide you don’t want the app, you can uninstall it and you won’t be charged.
  6. Tap “OK“.
  7. Read the information the app will access. If it seems alright to you, tap “OK“. You may be prompted to enter credit card information if you haven’t bought an app from Google Play before.

You can also visit Google Play from a web browser on your PC to search and browse for apps.


Download Apps for Samsung Galaxy Tab from Outside Google Play

Android apps come in the form of APK files. You can use Google to find free APK files for your Galaxy Tab, then install them using the steps below.

Note: This method should probably only be used by techies or people who really know what they are doing. Installing APK files from some sites can compromise the security of your device.

  1. Select the app slider located at the lower-right portion of the Home screen.
  2. Open “Settings“.
  3. Choose “General” at the top-right portion of the screen.
  4. Scroll down a bit, then select “Security“.
  5. Check “Unknown sources” to enable app installs from outside of Google Play.
  6. If you used your computer to download the APK file, connect the Galaxy Tab 4 to your computer and copy the APK file to the device. If you used the browser on the Galaxy Tab 4 to download the file, the file should be saved to the device.
  7. Open the “My Files” app.
  8. Navigate to the APK file location, then tap it.
  9. Tap “Install“.
  10. Tap “Install” again.


This tutorial built using 7″ model SM-T230NU, but should also apply to similar models.


  1. Jeff Thompson says

    Everytime I try to run an apk app it opens for about five seconds and says unfortunately (app) has stopped working. Help?

  2. Henry says

    i paid for a book by downloading it to my Samsung galaxy 4 tablet, but i can’t get to read it.It shows that it’s in my tablet but i can’t get to read it.what you think the problem is?

  3. arief says

    Hi there, i did all those things but when its time to install the apk file. The install button does not work, i tap it but it just doesnt work

  4. matt says

    How can I find and open my downloaded files on tab4? Been looking in ‘my files’ and ‘settings’ to open kodi and android for Amazon fire tv stick, and I can’t do it. Any help is appreciated. – Matt

  5. Betty says

    Why can’t I download the same apps that I have on my Samsung phone and my kindle fire on my new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4? They all keep saying that they are downloaded .

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