Delete Stored Password in Firefox

Delete saved passwords from Firefox.

1. In Firefox click Tools > Options from the menu bar or select Firefox > Options > Options.

2. Click Security at the top.

3. Click the Saved Passwords button.

4. Select the web site you wish to remove in the list.

5. Click Remove and click Close then OK when you are finished. You can also select Remove All to delete all saved passwords.

Firefox remove stored passwords


  1. yvonne says

    Thank you that was driving me mad – had an ex email address popping up every time I wanted to log in

  2. pepper says

    thank you so much…it was an accident..this is not my pc so i was so worried…thanks again

  3. TJ says

    Thanks. Clicked it on accident, never wanted it to save my personal data. Why would a browser even offer the option to save your passwords? Dumbest idea that I’ve heard of.

  4. Kim says

    I have removed the password under ‘security’ and also asked Firefox NOT to remember the password for a site I visit regularly, but it still reverts back to the old account name and password. After I have logged in under my new name and password, my session will revert back automatically to the old account within 1o minutes. This is very frustrating. Is there a remedy for this?

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