Copy Pictures From Samsung Fascinate to Computer

Copy the pictures from your Verizon Samsung Fascinate smartphone over to your computer. It’s a good idea to do these steps so that your photos are backed up in another locations should something happen to your phone. You may also prefer to manage your photos on a bigger screen.

Note: You may have to enable Mass Storage to complete these steps.

1. Connect the Fascinate to your computer with the included USB cable.

2. Slide down the notification panel at the top of the screen.

3. Tap USB connected.

4. Tap Mount.

5. On the computer, open the drive that represents your device. It should be in My Computer/Computer for Windows users or the Finder for Mac users.

6. Open the Camera folder.

7. Open the DCIM folder.

8. Drag and drop the pictures to a location on your computer.


  1. Jodi says

    Thank you. I was able to download my photos from a samsung mesmerize to my Macbook Pro using this method! No one could help me at US Cellular at the store I bought it from and on the help line from us cellular because they don’t know about Mac but this is so easy… saved me a trip and from buying a card reader to going back and asking at the store…..You are awesome!!!!!!!

  2. Dick sullivan says

    My computer does not recognize my fascinate when I open “My computer.”

  3. susan oda says

    Itried to delete pics from my fascinate but when I marked it reverted to share and delete disappeared

  4. Greg says

    I am trying to copy pics from my Fascinate to my computer (Windows 7) and when I down select on my phone, there is no usb connected…it just asks if I want to use audio or mass storage. Any ideas?

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