Copy PDF or EPUB Files to Nook

The Barnes & Noble Nook can read PDF or EPUB formatted files. These formats are very common on free ebook sites such as ManyBooks and PlanetEbook where you’ll find a ton of ebooks to add to your collection. Once you download these files to your computer, you can copy them to the Nook using these steps.

1. Attach the Nook to your computer using the included USB cable. The device will appear as a removable disk under My Computer/Computer for Windows users or the Finder for Mac users.

2. Drag and drop the PDF or EPUF file over to the removable disk.

Nook removable disk

3. Eject the Nook from your computer and disconnect the USB cable.

The transferred PDF or EPUB files should now appear under the Go to my documents section on the Nook.

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