Coby MP601/MP620/MP707 MP3 Player: How to Shuffle or Repeat Songs

The Coby MP601, MP620 and MP707 MP3 Players have the same shuffle and repeat song features that you would find on an iPod, but finding the controls is kind of difficult. Here’s how.

1. Start playing a song, and the Now Playing screen will be displayed.

2. From the Now Playing screen, press and hold the Enter/Center button on the device until a menu appears.

3. Now you have the option to Repeat. You can change it to one of the following settings:

  • No Repeat – Normal playing of songs.
  • One – Repeats the current song over and over.
  • All – Plays all songs repeatedly.
  • RandomAll – Shuffles or randomly selects songs.
  • Dir Normal – Repeat all songs in the current folder.


  1. Ivon S says

    I have the same problem as Jesse H. My screen is broken, and I would like to know how many button presses and in what direction to get to shuffle. I would appreciate any help, thanks :D

  2. Alana says

    I have the MP620 and the directions above didn’t do jack. I already know how to get to the random list on mine but it won’t shuffle my songs. If anyone else is having the same issue trying to find the menu for their songs to be put on shuffle and find pressing on the center key once in the ‘now playing’ only pauses your music, press on the right button that looks like an equal (=) sign above it. That will take you to the list. At least, that’s how it works with mine.

  3. Kyle J says

    you are my hero for the past 3 months i’ve been regreting in this buy because i need shuffle and could not figure it out even with there manual. i thought it was just that cheap of an mp3 player its the mp625-8g. I wonder why they would make it like that?

  4. Jesse H. says

    here is the problem…. My lcd screen is broken everything else still works… and all I want to do is turn it to random that way I can still listen to my music without haveing to circle around the whole track. So if possible I need you to give me the buttons and how many times i press them to try and do it. Thanks

  5. Chris H says

    I appreciate the insight into the meanings of the cryptic headings in the ‘repeat’ area of the Coby 707. BUT, if i am in a particular folder, can it be set to only play the songs in that folder, randomly… so you don’t have to hear them in the same order, every time? Thanks, again, for the information!

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