Change the Home Screen of Kindle Fire to Look Like Stock Android

Don’t like the home screen on the Kindle Fire? Neither do I. So I changed it to make it look like the stock Android screen. You can easily do this using Go Launcher EX. And you don’t even need to root the device to do this.

1. Go to your settings gear > More > Device and set the Unknown sources option to On.

Kindle Fire allow install applications from unknown sources

2. Download the Go Launcher EX apk file. You can use the Kindle Fire browser to do this and save the file directly to the device. You can also use your computer, then transfer it over via USB cable.

3. Download and install ES File Explorer from the Amazon appstore.

4. Open ES File Explorer and navigate to where you saved the file in step 1. Tap the file to launch the installer, then walk through the steps to install the app.

5. Tap Done, then tap the Home button at the bottom of the screen. You should get a prompt that asks whether you’d like to complete the action using GO Launcher EX. Check the Use by default for this action box then tap Go Launcher EX.

Kindle Fire - Complete action using GO Launcher EX

6. The Home screen of the Kindle Fire will now look like stock Android.

Kindle Fire new home screen

Note that some functions don’t work like Shortcuts. But you can add widgets and applications by tapping and holding on the Home screen. If you ever want access to the items on the old Kindle Fire Home screen, tap the app slider then select Launcher.


  1. JoAnne says

    Hey Mitch, it would be nice to reply to the questions people ask. Like. When I try to download go launch hd to kindle it says I have no device. Now what do I do. Can’t just leave it

  2. dylant says

    I cant install widgets… it keeps saying I haven’t accessed the google play store, which I have.

  3. Scott says

    I keep trying to access the launcher app from my kindle fire, but it keeps telling me that I have no devices registered and that I have to click on the shopping bag icon? WTF?
    Any help is greatly appreciated!

  4. Melinda says

    How do I keep the picture though. As soon as my kindle shuts off or “sleeps” and I turn it back on the old lock screen pictures are back. :(

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