Can’t Cut/Copy and Paste From Firefox

This week I’ve experienced a problem with Firefox after the updated they have been pushing. I was unable to cut, copy and paste from Firefox. I couldn’t copy URL’s, text from web pages or anything. I started Firefox in Safe Mode and the problem was gone. It appears that my StumbleUpon Add-on was causing the issue. Once I disabled it, the problem went away when I started Firefox in normal mode.

I have been regularly running into these problems with Firefox lately. I would blame the add-on developers, but other plug-ins have stopped working with each Firefox update. It’s starting to influence me to switch back to IE.


  1. Mike B. says

    Re-enabling Java fixed the problem for me. On the Firefox menu, select Tools, then select Add-Ons. Click on Plugins and make sure Java is enabled.

  2. Fran says

    Go to firefox preferences, select applications tab and scroll down to word document under the content type heading. If the action is “save file” change to “always ask” by clicking the action and selecting that. Should work then.

  3. Jeannie says

    for me, it was my Java Console addon, I disabled it then restarted FFox, and wow, back to normal.

  4. Bob says

    easy fix…after highlighting don’t right click for copy..then right click for paste….highlight then hit Ctrl-C for copy…then Ctrl-V for paste

  5. Charli says

    Every time there is an update for FF I have tons of problems. Now I can’t copy or paste in FF 4.01. I’d like to be able to. Any suggestions?

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