Can’t Change Location Services Setting On iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

If your Location Services setting on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch seems grayed out and you cannot make changes to it, you may have accidentally set a restriction on it. Check the setting using these steps.

1. Open Settings.

iPod Touch Settings icon

2. Touch General.

iOS General settings option

3. Select Restrictions.

iOS Restrictions setting

4. Tap Location Services.

iOS Location Services Restriction selection

5. Make sure Allow Changes is checked.

iOS Allow changes to location setting

Once this is set, go back to the Location Services setting and you should be able to make changes. If none of these steps worked, you may want to go through the process of restoring your iOS device.


  1. Rebecca Glass says

    if your restrictions are off and you still can’t change location services check for disabled location services with the allow changes check mark in both these places..
    Settings/General/Location Services
    Settings/General/share my location
    in my case the share my location services were disabled during a previous enabling of restrictions but after restrictions were turned off this did not go back to default. So I couldn’t use the find my device without this enabled.

  2. Andrew says

    I say, well done old chap.

    I had installed ‘Prey’, a location/theft recovery app, on my iPad and iPhone and had forgotten that as part of the set up process, location services are locked to prevent deactivation.

    Thank you.

  3. Kathmaur says

    I turned on the restrictions and said turned off the location services and said “don’t allow changes”

    However I then turned restrictions off and allowed changes for location services, but it now won’t let me turn location services on.
    Can someone please help me?

  4. Sue says

    Thank you so much. I had no idea how to change this and it was driving me crazy! You are the best!!!!

  5. Beverly says

    Thank you!! This worked exactly as you instructed!! It changed location in my phone for iOS6 and I didn’t think about it being in Restrictions. Thanks again!!

  6. Karie says

    You saved the day Mitch! After updating my iPhone I couldnt figure this out. I looked on several other sites that just said to reboot :( Thank You for the easy fix, YOU ROCK :)

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