Windows: Bring Off-Screen Window Back Onto Screen

While using Microsoft Windows, I had a window that had somehow fallen completely off of my screen. Right-clicking the window in the Taskbar and selecting Maximize brought it back, but there was no way I could get the window restored to where I could move it around my screen with my mouse.

Luckily, there are a couple of ways to bring off-screen windows back to the desktop screen.

Option 1

  1. Start the problematic application.
  2. Right-click a blank area of the Desktop, then choose “Screen Resolution“.
  3. Temporarily change the “Resolution” to another value, then choose “Apply“.
  4. See if you can see the window on your screen now.
  5. Change the resolution back to the previous value, then select “OK“.

Option 2

  1. In Windows 8, 7, and Vista, hold down the “Shift” key while right-clicking the item in the taskbar, then select “Move“. In Windows XP, right-click the item in the task-bar and select “Move“.Windows option to Move window
  2. Use your mouse or the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the window back onto the screen.

Option 3

Right-click a blank area of the task-bar, then select “Cascade windows“.

Win7 Cascade windows option



How do I prevent my application from starting off the screen every time I launch it?

Most applications will stop doing this if you properly exit out of the application while it is on the screen. If you have already properly exited the application, you might need to uninstall and reinstall the application.


  1. Catherine says

    Thank you so much for these helpful tips! I tried first and second options with Windows 8.1. Second option worked for me.

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