BlackBerry Torch 9800: Delete All Data

For security reasons, you may want to delete all of the data from your Blackberry Torch 9800. Doing so is easy with these steps.

1. Select the Options app under the All tab.

2. Select Security.

3. Select Security Wipe.

4. Check the items you wish to remove:

  • Emails, Contacts, etc.
  • User Installed Applications
  • Media Card

5. Type blackberry in the box, then tap Wipe.

BB Torch 9800 Data Wipe Screen

The device will then take a few minutes to wipe all of the data. The BB Torch will then reboot with everything set to factory defaults


  1. qazeem says

    Hi I downloaded a themes name hacker theme on my blackberry9800 and it started problem and I can’t make call,I can’t open my app world and I try to wipe the phone but I can’t even open the option or the set up wizard and I don’t know what to do please help me

  2. jong says

    I have a problem to may blackberry torch appworld was lost I don’t know how put it back . There’s any one can help me :(

  3. Sajjad Ali says

    My Blackberry torch is being crazy … When i go to in any application my Blackberry torch starts capturing pictures ? i have changed my BB software and also wiped twice but the problem is still continue … Does anyone has solution ?

  4. Robert Guth says

    Excellent advice!
    The stale-dated information on BlackBerry’s Website was not helpful.

    Thank you… Robert

  5. Glynn Stevens says

    I wanted to wipe my Blackberry Torch, followed your instructions, and it ‘did exactly what it said on the tin’ …it wiped it. Many thanks

  6. Santino says

    I cannot get my Torch 9800 to complete re-boot. It just continues to re-boot after a required re-boot was requested. Is there a way to boot in “safe mode”?

  7. Verena says

    Hi, I bought a used BB Torch and it seems that there is some IT or admin policy installed. I was hoping that after the wipe the system would completely reboot. It didn’t and I still have the policy on the device. Any ideas what else I can do?

  8. Carly says

    I just wiped my BlackBerry Torch, hopefully it works, my BlackBerry messenger went crazy and messed up my phone.

  9. Brasil says

    some thoughts
    I think it should have some sort of applications to lock the viewing as you are surfing the internet.

    And sometimes, it doesn’t happen very often, while you are surfing the internet, the page somehow freezes and the back of the device starts heating up. And within 1 or 2 minutes period, the battery life suddently drops about 30%. I kinda worry if this is going to damage the device.

    The actual keyboard is awesome, but the touch screen keyboard is just retarded. You often typed in the letter below the one you actually typed.

  10. dipo johnson says

    I wiped my bb torch and since then I have not been able to integrate my emails on it. Pls help, also my bbm contacts pics are not showing. Thanks

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