BlackBerry Torch 9800: Copy Contact to SIM

Copy a contact to the SIM card of your BlackBerry Torch 9800 smartphone. This is a handy tip if anything accidental happens to your phone or you eventually switch phones. The contact will be saved to the SIM card and you’ll have your saved contacts on the new phone.

1. From the Home screen select Contacts.

2. Select the contact.

3. Highlight a phone number field that contains a phone number.

BB Torch: Phone number selected

4. Press Menu.

5. Select Copy to SIM Phone Book.

BB Torch: Copy to SIM Phone Book option


  1. avni tripathi says

    hey i have to transfer my fathers contacts and they re over a thousand and i cant possibly do one by one how can i select all ?
    please tell ……thanks!

  2. Naomi says

    I agree with Dave as I am having the same problem here… can anybody help me!??! on every site I’ve checked the only solutions are to copy them one by one and i am not impressed. Please&thank you.

  3. Dave says

    Ok, how do I copy all of my phone contacts to my SIM at once. I really don’t want to select them one by one then do a “copy to sim” command? Thanks, Dave

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