BlackBerry PlayBook: Clear Browser History, Cache and Cookies

If you’ve been using your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to browse websites that contain sensitive or private information, you may want to learn how to clear the browser History, Cache and Cookies from the device on a regular basis. This will ensure that if somebody else gains access to the PlayBook, they won’t be able to snoop in on what you’ve been doing. It will also prevent others from logging into your web accounts if there happens to be a cookie that has saved your username and password credentials. Follow these steps to access the options.

1. Open the Browser application.

2. Slide the top bar down by sliding your finger from the top of the screen downward toward the center of the screen.

3. You are provided with an Options icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. Tap it.

BB PlayBook - Browser options

3. Tap Privacy & Security on the left pane.

4. Scroll down a bit and you’ll see buttons to Clear History, Clear Cache, Clear Cookies, Clear Local Storage and Clear All. Once you tap the button for the data you’d like to clear, it will become grayed out and the data will be deleted.

BB PlayBook - Clear History-Cache-Cookies

You may also want to have a look at some of the privacy options at the top of the screen. The Keep History For option will allow you to choose how often your Browser History gets deleted automatically. By default, the setting is set to 30 days. You can decrease this number to any amount 1 through 30 if you like. You can also turn on the Private browsing option if you want to prevent the Browser from saving History or Cookies while you are using the app.

BB PlayBook - Top Browser options

That covers the BlackBerry PlayBook options for clearing and managing Browser History, Cache and Cookies. Visit these options regularly to protect your privacy.


  1. geordie says

    why did it take me so long find out how to do it, it’s so easy, I could kick myself.


  2. Al says

    Yup, ditto above. Found it once and forgot. I may be back if this drinking continues. Anyhow, thanks…

  3. Joe Hoffman says

    Thanks! I was wondering where the options were. I kept tapping everywhere and didn’t know you could just swipe downward.

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