BlackBerry Not Receiving SMS Text Messages

If your BlackBerry isn’t receiving SMS Text Messages, try the following steps.

1. Select Options from the Home screen.

2. Select Advanced Options.

3. Select Host Routing Tables.

4. Press Menu.

5. Select Register Now.

After about 60 seconds, see if you can receive SMS Text Messages. Hopefully the problem is gone.


  1. waldo lintag says

    please help. i have a rogers 8310 but it does not have and sms features, it only shows compose email, nothing else to allow me to do sms on it.

  2. TPA16 says

    Im having a similar problem w/ my Boost 8530i blackberry but i mean i registered mine already & i text ppl & they recieve the messages the only problem is that i dont receive them? Can you plz help?

  3. Chris GRIGG says

    I have been getting this message on several time now and it most anyoning if there is any way this could be sort out please i would be very grateful.


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