BlackBerry Curve Won’t Start

I had a problem with a BlackBerry Curve smartphone that would not start up at all. It was restarted over and over again and never brought me to the Home screen.

To solve this problem, you can try pulling the battery from the device. Leave it out for about 20 seconds, then reinsert the battery and try to start the Curve again.

If that doesn’t work, you may have some type of third-party program installed that is causing the problem. Try starting up in Safe Mode by holding down the Escape key (button with the arrow) while it boots up. If it starts up this way, you will need to find the problematic program and uninstall it.


  1. chris says

    I’ve tried all this and none of them work i find that when i try to install a new os as well the part where it says waiting for device to initialization the phone does not boot up the red light come up and after the the red light is gone it the screen lights up for a second then the red light returns again and the same thing happens again but the second time around the screen comes on dim but it does not connect to the PC and i don’t see the boot up screen that would normally pop up after the red light is gone by the way I’m using a curve 8620 Rogers brand

  2. aya says

    MY BLACKBERRY curve 8520 wont opern at all .. every time it opens it asks me to reset with this white back ground ! doesnt lead me to the home screen ! .. gettin the battery out doesnt work .. what to do ?

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