BlackBerry Curve 8900: Import/Sync Contacts With Outlook

Import your contacts from Outlook to your BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphone by setting it up to sync.

1. Download and install the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software.

2. Connect the handheld to the computer using the USB cable.

3. Launch BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

4. Click the Synchronize option.

BB Desktop Synchronize option

5. Click Synchronization on the left pane, then click the Synchronization button.

BB Desktop Synchronization screen

6. Click Address Book.

BB Desktop Address Book selection

7. Select Microsoft Outlook. Click Next.

BB Desktop Outlook selection

8. Choose the sync preferences. I like Two way sync so any changes on either system are updated. Click Next.

BB Desktop sync options

9. Select the Outlook profile that contains your data. Click Next. Be sure to select the correct one. If you sync and no data gets transferred, this setting here is usually the reason.

BB Desktop select Outlook profile

10. Click Finish.

Finish setup

11. Do the following:

  • Click Synchronize on the left pane.
  • Check the Synchronize organizer data box.
  • Click the Synchronize button.

Sync Outlook and BB

12. The BlackBerry Curve will start to sync with Outlook. You may get a prompt to Accept the changes.

Confirm sync

That’s it! Your Contacts should now be imported to the BlackBerry Curve handheld.


  1. Mitch says

    You need to talk to your BES admin. They probably set an IT Policy to only allow Address Book sync via wireless.

  2. Gabriel says

    when i click finish in no 10 a window saying that
    synchronazation is currently unavailable for address book because the application is configured for wireless synchronazation

    pls help

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