BlackBerry Bold 9700: Wipe All Data

The BB5 OS on the BlackBerry Bold 9700 has slightly different menus when you want to erase all the data off the device. Here’s where you can find it.

1. From the home screen, press the Menu button.

2. Select Options.

3. Select Security Options.

4. Select Security Wipe.

5. Check the items you wish to wipe.

6. Type blackberry in the box.

7. Select Wipe.

BB Bold 9700 - Wipe all data options


  1. bellatr. says

    When you do this, the text messages and the phone contacts are all deleted also?

  2. Xolelwa Mbebe says

    I would like to know if it is possible to do a security wipe without loosing all my data and applications

  3. kezia says

    My ICT workmate claims he only did the above mentioned procedure to wipe my blackberry 9000.. now i cannot receive email!! we have tried reloading software more than once, in vain. Could he have caused more damage than he is admitting? Is there something we can do to restore the phone? You can use it as a regular phone i.e. calls, text etc. but it will not pick the blackberry service. Please help

  4. Connie says

    Hi, I want to wipe my blackberry Bold 9700 because I bought it used and it still has the previous owners information and everything in the phone still. It also has a warning that I won’t be able to send or receive email on this device after I wipe it?

  5. fazeli says

    How to delete email address and register new email address on my 9700 still My email accounts are present. Emails accounts are not being deleted.

  6. Windmobile guy says

    Yes it will delete everything, ur phone will be just like the day bought it from the store….so make sure u know that before u wipe. goodluck

  7. Hollie says

    if i wipe my blackberry torch, will it delete all my pictures, apps and contacts etc? it is looking a blackberry id and it isn’t working so my only choice is to wipe all data?..any ideas on how to help me?

  8. jess says

    I have been given a blackberry 9700 with someones email account set up when i go on email set up it says enter username and password i dont know this information how do i set up my own email account ?

  9. Takie says

    My blackberry 9810 says app error 200. And i cant install the desktop manager because its not sending me to the home screen and when i connect it to my pc it says the device is not being recognized>>>>
    I need your help here please!

  10. had same problem says

    Wiping the device does not affect your BIS account. Once your BB is registered on your carrier’s network the BIS service books will be pushed and an email from all accounts associated with BIS will start flowing in again. If that is not desired you need to remove the email accounts from BIS and/or delete the BIS account entirely.

  11. stefi says

    Well, I’ve just installed the new V6 blackberry destop software so my phone has been udpdated to, but I want to go back to how it came and I don’t know what to do.Please help me get my phone how it was when I bought it. If I was to wipe it would it sort it out however I still want all my files and things. Please help me, thanks a lot xx

  12. Rianna says

    If doing a complete factory reset you will only have blackberry apps that came from factory. Hemce the name factory reset. Its completely safe to do this as ive recently done it personally and was completely fine

  13. Ken says

    I too have been curious about this, (and why im looking on Google) any joys on finding out what happens if you do reset. I don’t want to damage any of the OS on the phone. Thanks.

  14. Amar says

    It really works…Its a grt feature..After I doing Wipe on my 9700 still My email accounts are present. Emails accounts are not being deleted

  15. J2R2R says

    When it states “All application data will be lost…You will not be able to send or receive email on this device after you wipe it”, does it literally mean that the software won’t be back on the handset like it was when purchased? I can imagine the accounts needing reconfiguring etc. but the second part of the warning suggests that it won’t be possible after wiping.

    To sum up, if I were to wipe it, then let it run through the normal procedures of a typical phone, could I download and reinstall all extras and enter account details to get it running again? I am not worried about contacts and photos etc. being wiped; I am more concerned about the operating system and essential packages being available.

    I have done this many times with old phones but as I am new to BlackBerry I would rather know as much as I can about it so I can make the minimum of mistakes.

  16. Morella says

    I am wiping a bb bold 9700 is going on two hours now? What is up with that? It shows a clock that comes on and off and says it is wiping, not to take out the battery. Is this normal?

  17. Rajesh says

    i want add vCard files contacts in my blackberry.
    how it is possible?
    pls help me..

  18. pauly says

    My primary use is business , and I would not even think of using anything else. I highly reccommend it.

  19. Hanuman says

    After I doing Wipe on my 9700 still My email accounts are present. Emails accounts are not being deleted

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