BlackBerry Bold: Hard/Soft Reset

If your BlackBerry Bold 9000 series device is frozen or not responding, you will probably want to reset the unit. Here are the different types of resets that can be performed in the order they should be tried.

Soft Reset

Double-Soft Reset
Press ALT + RIGHT SHIFT(CAP) + DELETE . The screen will go blank for a few seconds. When the screen comes back on, immediately press ALT + RIGHT SHIFT(CAP) + DELETE again.

Hard Reset
If none of the above works, pull the battery out of the unit for a few seconds, then reinsert it.


  1. pascua says

    my blackberry is stocked in wiping process, it just loops after 14-35% it turns does not complete its wiping process…i’ve tried the apploader,JL_Cmder..but none of them helps….any other suggestions of advices to be done?? please help…thanks..

  2. pokes says

    My blackberry bold3 is giving me problems with the trackpad. It does not scroll or click and I changed it but still same problem

  3. alex says

    My bb curve has been blocked with a white screen saying ‘ reload software’ i have tried ALT+CAPS+DELETE this doesnt work help!!!

  4. Abhishek says

    my blackberry strom 9530 will not boot only led light is blinking. please tell me what i do.

  5. Yemi says

    I have a BB 9000 Bold that’s barely 5 month old; it was first used on T-mobile UK before I brought to Nigeria (now registered on MTN). I can’t view my call logs (in-coming), I can no longer send emails with it and sometimes I get this prompt “Uncaught exception: java.lang.NullPointerException” I have tried hard reset, but no improvement. Can sbdy help?

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