BlackBerry Bold: Hard/Soft Reset

If your BlackBerry Bold 9000 series device is frozen or not responding, you will probably want to reset the unit. Here are the different types of resets that can be performed in the order they should be tried.

Soft Reset

Double-Soft Reset
Press ALT + RIGHT SHIFT(CAP) + DELETE . The screen will go blank for a few seconds. When the screen comes back on, immediately press ALT + RIGHT SHIFT(CAP) + DELETE again.

Hard Reset
If none of the above works, pull the battery out of the unit for a few seconds, then reinsert it.


  1. pascua says

    my blackberry is stocked in wiping process, it just loops after 14-35% it turns does not complete its wiping process…i’ve tried the apploader,JL_Cmder..but none of them helps….any other suggestions of advices to be done?? please help…thanks..

  2. pokes says

    My blackberry bold3 is giving me problems with the trackpad. It does not scroll or click and I changed it but still same problem

  3. alex says

    My bb curve has been blocked with a white screen saying ‘ reload software’ i have tried ALT+CAPS+DELETE this doesnt work help!!!

  4. Abhishek says

    my blackberry strom 9530 will not boot only led light is blinking. please tell me what i do.

  5. Yemi says

    I have a BB 9000 Bold that’s barely 5 month old; it was first used on T-mobile UK before I brought to Nigeria (now registered on MTN). I can’t view my call logs (in-coming), I can no longer send emails with it and sometimes I get this prompt “Uncaught exception: java.lang.NullPointerException” I have tried hard reset, but no improvement. Can sbdy help?

  6. fara orizuka says

    heyy guyss, i need ur help, my blackberry still keep rebooting with the red scenario, i try with all the alternative, but its sitll with the same condition,
    any sugestion for mt stress

  7. Matt says

    I am having a problem with my blackburry that every time i try to txt it types another letter after it types that letter i try to type some thing else and it just compleately freezes on me what do i do?

  8. Randolph says


    Send your phone to

    They fixed my water damaged phone in good time.

    Check them out.

  9. chris says

    My bb 9000 keep restarting. When it reach a sixth of the completer bar, it stop & went blak with red light on. Awhile later, it repeat itself. Is it OS problem or harddisk problem? Please help. I need my data & contacts in there….

    Many thanks in advance

  10. Stanley says

    my screen cracked on my blackberry 8900. i dont have warranty and need a repair company.

    anybody know of any that is good. pricing and repair.

    Really appreciate it.

  11. Michåël says

    I had the same problem(s) with my BlackBerry Bold 9000.

    1.My phone would take sometimes up to 3 hours either on the white screen before moving to the home screen, or waiting and/or loading for up to 3 hours on the home screen or any application, and even during phone calls.
    I took it back to an AT&T store, and they sent me to a Head Quarters in town where they exchanged it completely for a new one. Apparently is a viral issue that cant be solved; unless you get a new phone.

    2. I flooded the Blackberry three days ago, and all I had to do was remove the battery completely, so the water damage indicator on the battery does not change. keep the phone off and dried for a few hours…. if it’s just water let it dry, if it’s a sticky liquid OPEN IT as soon as you have a chance. Look for a Video on YouTube on how to do this the tools you can find at any hardware store (or in Chinatown) for as low as US$3.00. Clean it up with a damp paper towel, around the keys, the motherboard, the battery and batter case. Don’t forget about the keys surrounding the phone.
    Check if your microphone is working when making a phone-call. All you have to do is take the rubber piece an run water through it for a few seconds.

    Ps. if after flooding the phone, the keys type random characters, and some keys dont work, cleaning the phone will solve it. Run water to the key pad (AFTER REMOVING IT FROM THE PHONE ONLY) and let it DRY before you reinstall it.

  12. Michael says

    Typing “a” shows “uo” solved! After searching for two hours, I found a thread that solved this for many people and I just tried it and it worked. The problem is moisture getting into the roller ball. It could be from using your phone with moist fingers and it could build up over time. It is a bit strange that the roller ball affects the keypad but it does. “a” types “uo”, ball push does not work, the hang up key types something else. Remove the back and the battery. Take some rubbing alcohol on a tissue and place it on a flat table. Turn your phone over and run it over the alcohol so the ball rolls on the alcohol patch on the tissue. You can then take some alcohol on a q-tip and dap a bit more directly on the ball. Roll it with your finger. Then place it in your oven at the lowest temperature (like 150-200 degrees). Leave it in there for 20 minutes or so. Let it cool, put the battery back in and the back on. You should be good to go! Good luck.

  13. Jarred says

    I have a blackberry 9000 went white screen of death on me so i tried taking the battery out and putting it back in and no succses .so i tried taking my sim and memory card out then starded it up and works fine then i turned it off put my sim and memory card back in and now it works like new :) Goodluck

  14. Steven Priem says

    My Blackberry Bold 9000 is approximately 3 months old. Bought in Nigeria and it is/was registered with Blackberry. I also used through my provider (Zain) the internet services.
    During a trip to the Netherlands my Blackberry went dead and shows the following message: ‘Radio core catfailed’, ‘Reset’.
    I have tried to reset etc. etc. What happened?

  15. Sherri says

    my blackberry is only allowing me to get into sent/received calls and the contacts. The alarm was set for this morning. It went off and was frozen so that I could not shut it off for the day. I could shut it off for five minutes with the rollerball, but then it would come back on. The roller ball allows me to go into the menue, and move around to select. When I select a command it goes straight back into my contact list.

  16. Doug Davis says

    I have exactly the same problem as Paul Carden (comment 3 above) – when i press the a button it types uo, the roller ball wont select anything, and once i make a phone call i cant hang it up. any help please.-

    they said at the ATT store they’ve never seen this problem now that i’ve seen Vince’s comments I feel much better that it is a Blackberry problem and not mine for mistreating my phone.
    has anyone else experienced this?

    when i press the a button it types uo, the roller ball wont select anything, and once i make a phone call i cant hang it up

  17. Vince Strawson says

    I have exactly the same problem as Paul Carden (comment 3 above) – when i press the a button it types uo, the roller ball wont select anything, and once i make a phone call i cant hang it up. any help please.-

  18. admin says

    @Dany – Restart in Safe Mode. Hold down Escape while it boots. If it starts up then, you may have to uninstall some third party applications that are causing the problem.

  19. Dany says

    i have pressed alt+rightshift+del to restart my bold .. it restarted but keeps on restarting before it go to the home screen. i have removed the memorycard and the battery but with no result. anyone have a solution please..thanks alot

  20. paul carden says

    when i press the a button it types uo, the roller ball wont select anything, and once i make a phone call i cant hang it up. any help please.

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