Automatically Forward Email in Outlook 2010/2007

How to forward your Outlook 2010 or 2007 email automatically to another email address. Useful for when you are going away on vacation, or using a different email address for a certain period of time.

1. In Outlook 2010, select File > Rules and Alerts. In Outlook 2007, select Tools > Rules and Alerts.

Outlook 2010 manage rules and alerts

2. From the Email Rules tab, choose New Rule…

Forwarding Email - New Rule

2. Select under Start from a blank rule select Check messages when they arrive and click Next.

Forwarding Email - Blank Rule

3. If you wish to only forward certain messages, you can select conditions for each message that gets forwarded. If you want all your messages to be forwarded, leave everything unchecked. You will get a message This rule will be applied to every message you receive. Is this correct? Select Yes.

Forwarding Email - Conditions

4. Check forward it to people or distribution list. In the lower pane, click people or distribution list.

Forwarding Email - Actions

5. This will open the Rule Address window with the address book. Search for the email address(es) to which you would like to forward your mail. You can also just type the full email addresses in the To field. Click OK then Next when done.

Forwarding Email - Email Address Selection

6. The box to setup exceptions appears. Select any exceptions you would like to apply to this rule and click Next. Most users leave this blank.

Forwarding Email - Exceptions

7. Under Specify a name for this rule, give your rule a name. Check the box for Turn on this rule if you would like Outlook to start forwarding messages now. Check Run this rule now on messages already in “Inbox” (rarely used) if you would like Outlook to forward everything that is already in your Inbox . Click Finish and you’re done.

Forwarding Email - Name and Finish


  1. Rudi says

    This is a great idea, but in Outlook 2007 it is a “client only” rule, meaning that it does not work if Outlook is not running. Maybe this is only because I am trying to forward email from my work account to a freemail account, but in my case it is not “Useful for when you are going away on vacation”, for example, unless I leave outlook open and running the whole time I am away.

  2. sue says

    Having same problem as Ron. In order for my email to be forwarded, I need to have te Outlook program open and running …which defeats the purpose of having it forwarded.

  3. Ron says

    I can only get e mails forwarded when my computer that initially receives them is turned on, then they get forwarded to the other e mail address. Is there a setting I have to change somewhere?

  4. Robert Armstrong says

    I believe this info has taken care of the problem I have in forwarding email from my present address to the new one I have because of a change in my priovider.

  5. Emmy says

    Yey! Thank you so much for this. I’ve been searching high and low how to forward my incoming messages as well as messages that are already in microsoft outlook 2007 to my new account and only you were able to provide a clear instruction. I want to stop using ms outlook and just start using Thank you for making it easier for me.

  6. ann rogers says

    Not sure if I understood how to simply forward an email which is in my in -box to another address in my address book. Does somebody know? Tks.

  7. John Cashmore says

    Can a copy remain in the Outlook mail box as well? My wife will be at home and I’m on the road and we both want to get and see the messages?
    Thanks in advance.

  8. Stan says

    Works- EXCEPT- messages are only forwarded when computer is on and not when offline- any suggestions?

  9. P says

    It doesn’t necessarily work always. Usually organization would block Auto forwarded mails of this kind.

  10. Margie says

    Will the new messages be deleted from my outlook mail box after auto-foward? If not, how can this be done?

  11. santosh says

    when i got a new mail, a mail is coming with one another copy in my inbox,
    i want to stop it, i want only one copy is coming at a time, so what can i do?
    Pls Help me


  12. Jean Clegg says

    In Outlook 2007, I have set up a rule to auto foward incoming emails from a certain email sender, to a group of folks in my company. Where can I find these sent/forwarded messages? I no longer have them in my Inbox, and I don’t see them in my Sent folder. Can I see them? I have had the rule set up for a couple of months, and would like to review the messages, but can’t find them. Thanks, Jean

  13. David says

    Is there a way of forwarding the email via the “Bcc” instead of the “To”?
    That way the people’s email address is kept private when say a newsletter is forwarded.
    Thank you for your reply.

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