Android: What Does the “Lock Message” Option Do In Messaging?

There is a “Lock message” option in the Android Messaging app when you tap and hold any individual SMS text message. Users sometimes wonder what it means to lock a message. So what is it and what does it do?

Android Lock Message option

The Lock message option makes the message where it cannot be deleted when you mass delete messages. This can be confusing for some, since you can still tap and hold the message and select Delete even when it’s locked. The purpose of this functionality tough is to prevent the message from being removed when you delete entire threads.

You’ll see this in action when you tap and hold an entire message thread and select Delete thread. There’s an option where you can choose Delete locked messages if you want to. Otherwise, the locked messages are preserved.

Android delete locked messages option


  1. Marc says

    Hi there.
    Thank you for your explanation, I hope people reading this will have their question answered.
    Anyway, I come by on this site with different google search query, and I wonder if maybe you can help: Is there a way of locking the whole thread? I know, there isn’t such option inside Android itself (at least not in 2.2, I own Wildfire, and did a complete phone search on every single option it has.. :D), but maybe some app could do this? I haven’t found any though…
    Since it’s able to use non-stock SMS client application even on non-rooted phone, I’m pretty sure there could be just “a part” of that kind of app, which would simply offer to chose which conversation we’d like to lock, and then lock entire thread. I’m not a C# or Java programmer, so I wouldn’t know how to do it, but would be grateful if someone could do so. I know that apps as SMSBackupAndRestore, when creating txt file with all of the sms-es includes lock status (lock=0 or lock=1), so basicaly, backing up conversation thread, replacing lock=0 with lock=1 text inside txt file and restoring it back to the phone would do the trick, so therefore I’m even more sure that it’s possible. Of course can’t reply on question “how” though.. :) If anyone would make this, I’ll donate a few € immediately!

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