Android: Solve “Package file is invalid” Error

Today when I looked at my Samsung Galaxy S4, I was greeted with an error in the Notification Bar that kicked me over to the Samsung Link (AllShare Plus) page at the Google Play Store. The app attempted to upgrade, but kicked up an error that said “Package file is invalid.

It seems there are many Android users experiencing this “Package file is invalid” error. So I followed some of the tips I found throughout the web. It called for the following steps:

1. Go to Settings > More > Application manager > All.

2. Tap Google Services Framework.

3. Select Force stop, Clear data, then Clear cache, in that order.

4. Repeat step 3 for Google Hangouts, Google Play Services, and Google Play Store.

This reminded me of a similar issue I experienced with Google Play where the “Download unsuccessful” would appear when downloading apps. Those steps worked for that problem. Unfortunately, they didn’t solve this particular problem. Instead, it provided me with a brand new error that said “Update for “appname” could not be downloaded due to an error. (925).”

There had to be something hosed about my Google account and this device. So I decided to remove my Google account and re-add it. To do this, I had to add a second dummy Google account to the device. The process fixed the problem.

The Fix

1. Select Settings > Accounts.

2. Choose Add account.

3. Select Google.

4. If you have a second account to use, or a friend’s account to use temporarily, select Existing, then enter the email and password to the second Google account. Otherwise, select New and create a new dummy account. Finish the steps on adding the account.

5. Once the account has been added to the device, go back to the Accounts screen and select Google under the My accounts section.

6. Your two accounts will be listed. Tap your main (1st) account, then select Remove account.

7. Go back to the Accounts screen again and choose Add account.

8. Add your main account back to the device. You can now remove the 2nd dummy account we created.

Restart the device for good measure, then try Google Play again. It worked for me, and I hope these steps work for you as well.


Fix 2

If the above steps don’t work, we’ve received word that enabling Device Manager might work. You can do this by going to Settings > More > Security > Device administrators and checking the Android Device Manager setting.

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