Android: Setup RoadRunner Email

If you wish to setup RoadRunner Email on your Android smartphone, it can be difficult to actually get it to work. Some people have given up and just setup their RoadRunner email to work through Gmail. You can get it working directly with the Android Email app though. Just use these steps.

1. Launch the Email app.

2. Enter your RoadRunner email address and password, then tap Manual Setup.

3. Tap POP3 account.

4. Enter the following information:

Username: Your full email address with included at the end (this will vary based on your location. May be or something else).
Password: Your RoadRunner email password.
POP3 server: (this will vary based on your location)
Port: 110
Security type: None

When done, scroll down and tap Next.

5. Enter the following information:

SMTP Server: (domain varies based on location)
Port: 587 (May also be 25)
Security type: None
Require sign-in:
Username: username@maine (domain varies based on location)
Password: Your RoadRunner email password.

Tap Next.

6. Give the account a name. It doesn’t really matter what it is. The Your name field should be filled out with the name of the person or place your email is coming from when it’s received.

7. Click Done.

You’ve successfully setup your RoadRunner email account on your Android device.


  1. Keith says

    After talking with Time Warner and Verizon techs many times, I gave up on my outgoing email working till I read this forum. Checking the “login required” box is the key to it working. I don’t remember having to do this in the past but after checking that box, it works perfect!

  2. R.T says

    I have been unable to set up my road runner email account on my Casio/Verizon G3 phone. I’ve spent hours talking with verizon and road runner, both say the other has to give the settings. For example, road runner says to use outgoing smtp: Yes, roadrunner spelled out. The ports were the same as you describe, as were the incoming pop3 settings. But to no avail. I just got off the phone with Verizon in TX, and they tried a lot to help me trouble shoot the problem. I checked my rr settings, user name, password, all were correct. The message I get on the phone after I input all the information and the phone checks incoming server information is: “setup could not finish. Cannot connect to server. Authentication failed.” I don’t know if this is essentially a road runner problem or Verizon. One other thought, when setting up the email, the phone asks if I want to use Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo, AOL, Other…I’ve tried both MS Exchange and ‘Other.’ No luck. Any suggestions?

  3. Judy says

    Worked great. Now I’d like to add another roadrunner account but when I go into ‘e-mail’ I get the first one and don’t know how to get to the screens I need. Thanks.

  4. martha says

    I have another window that says “use smtp authentication” use same ID/PW with incoming server…

    I am asked to check one, none or both of those

    What should I do?

    This is at the end of the outgoing settings.

  5. martha says

    This still doesn’t work for me. Even the tech at Verizon could not get it to work. I even called time warner.

    How can I set it up via g-mail and still get my rr mail?

  6. E A Franklin says

    Worked great except for one hitch. I was loading my Roadrunner email account, but when I tried to finish, it wouldn’t load. Got an error message to the effect it couldn’t authorize with current settings. Went back and unchecked the sign in box and it worked fine.
    Tapped the email icon on my ASUS Transformer home page and when it opened, there was a little carat next to the email address. This let me switch between different email accounts.

    Works Great!! Thanks a lot


  7. Ed says

    Thank you. These instructions worked great for my htc evo phone. I replaced my phone 2 months ago and the tech at sprint couldn’t set up my roadrunner email account to my evo.

  8. Paul says

    This worked when I unplugged the wireless router and the phone went to 4G, but didn’t work after plugging the router back in so I guess I will have to check require sign in whenever I’m out of range of my home server. I couldn’t send messages even when signed on to open wifi while traveling.
    Worth the little hassle to be able to send messsages while on the road!

  9. Gregg says

    THANKS for the info. I have had a Galaxy S3 for a month now and could not get it to send email via 3G/4G. Talked to Verizon, TimeWarner and Samsung and even with their help could not get it to work, until today. The key was checking the “require sign in” box in the outgoing settings. Although I had done this earlier when I first got he phone, it did not work. It does now. THANKS for the insight.

  10. Linda says

    The only difference was that I had to uncheck log-in required. once I did that it worked to both send and receive. The only other thing that was confusing about your instructions (which are marvelous!) was that on giving the name for incoming server you call it the IMAP server. Made me wonder if I needed to go back and change my POP to IMAP. Also, server was 25 not 587.
    Still, if not for your help, would not have gotten it.So thanks very much!

  11. Rebecca says

    Ron. I had the same problem as you. So I shut off my wi-fi and forced it to go through 3G and it worked fine.

  12. Mitch says

    Hmm. Well, it worked for me when I was on the East Coast. Have you tried to connected via 3G and Wi-Fi?

  13. Ron Graham says

    Mitch -

    I appreciate your effort, but the steps you offered still do not work.

    Everything proceeds fine until the system tries to load messages, then I get the error: Unable to open connection to server.

    BTW this is what the Roadrunner help desk told me would happen when I called them before about this.


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