Android: Find IMEI Number

Q: Where can I locate the IMEI number on an Android powered smart phone?

A: 1. Tap Settings from the Home screen.

2. Scroll toward the bottom and tap About phone.

3. Tap Status.

4. Scroll down and the IMEI number is listed there.


  1. LaQuita Ederington says

    Why do I have to keep logging into facebook every time I play family guy the quest for stuff it started the game over and when I tried to log back into facebook it says that it already has a account with my info so confused…

  2. gretchen says

    I tried to transfer my game off of my phone onto my tablet, the transfer said it was successful and then the game started over and I am still unable to get into my game on my new device

  3. Emily says

    I don’t have my old phone and would like to transfer the game to my new phone. I don’t remember my I’d either. What can I do to restore my game?

  4. Moni says

    my old device is broken … I cant transfer my game as usual …I had to use SIII and I got now Note III me .. My Tiny ID: moninice03

  5. Bonnie says

    Can I transfer the game from my old phone which was stolen to the kindle fire I just got???? My tinyID was BunkyD67. Thanks

  6. William says

    I am trying to get the tiny monster game to transfer to my tablet from my smartphone. I log in on both device get the transfer number from my phone and put it on my tablet. Push the restore button and then it just sits there saying are you sure this is the correct account (it is the correct account from my phone) I push restore button again and it freezes. What do I do t transfer the game?

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