Android: Create Contact Groups

I own a Motorola Droid smartphone that runs Android OS. It seems there are quite a few people wondering how to create groups for contacts. The manual for most Android phones references this, but doesn’t tell you how to do it.

Well, it looks like there really isn’t a way to do it on the phone. You will have to bring up a Browser (either on your computer or the device) and perform these steps:

1. Login to Gmail.

2. Click Contacts.

3. Click the plus sign with the two heads to create a group.


4. Give the group a name and click OK.

You can add Contacts to groups individually by clicking on the contact, then clicking the Groups button.

Add Contact to Group


  1. suresh j says

    My requirement is, a person could be in the friends group. I wanted the same person to be in other group (Ugadi) also. So that on the day of Ugadi I can select this Ugadi group and send a group message. But still i need that person in friends group. What is the way out for this? can anyone guide me? I have an Android Mobile Karbonn A9.

  2. Anonymous says

    Well, for a long time, I was looking for an application that allows me to manage my google contacts & google groups directly from my android device. Now that I’ve discovered that precious application, I think it’s worth sharing it with you :)
    It is called “Group Manager” and is available on the android market

    I was happily surprised by the quality of the application, so simple, so beautiful & so usefull. A big thanks to the developer for that !!!

  3. Rick says

    This is a brilliant suggestion, works, thanks! Too bad Google hasn’t incorporated Contract Groups functionality into their mobile apps by now!

  4. Robert Nyamboji says

    It seems I have failed to find or create group contacts on my Videos tools phone which is frastrating me what should I do? Is it that this phone is not user friendly?

  5. David Saylor says

    I found a way to create email groups and send to them on the android gmail program.

    1. Create a new “regular” contact and give it a name like “New Project Group” etc.
    2. On an email line add the first email, ending with the right arrow (>). Then put the comma and a space and start the second email with a left arrow (). Do this until the last email and leave the last right arrow off. Then when you create an email from this “group” the email program supplies the first and last arrow and it works!
    3. The line looks like this>, , , <
    4. Warning: You must begin from the gmail app and call up this group for it to format properly. If you start from within the contact list, and click the "email" icon, it doesn't work. (Of the two choice, I'm glad starting from the email app is the one that works!)

    Note: If you are creating multiple groups to use, I found it easier to create the groups on my laptop in the regular gmail program, rather than on my tablet, but both work.

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