Android: Clear Navigation and Search History In Google Maps

Q: How do you clear the Navigation and Search History in Google Maps in Android?

A: Follow these steps:

Option 1

1. Open Maps.

2. Select Menu > Settings.

3. Select Offline and cache.

4. Select Clear all map tiles. You can also choose Clear My Places cache if desired.


Option 2

Android 4+

1. Open Settings.

2. Tap More…

3. Select Application manager.

4. Scroll down and select Maps.

5. Select Clear data and Clear cache.


Android 3 and lower

1. From the Home screen, press Menu.

2. Tap Settings.

3. Tap Applications.

4. Tap Manage Applications.

5. Select Maps (You may have to press Menu > Filter > All to see it.)

6. Select Clear data.

If this doesn’t work, you will have to select the Uninstall updates option from this same screen. Complete the uninstall, then reinstall the Google Maps update using the Android Market.


  1. SD says

    Most answers above dont work. This is what works for me.

    Go to maps application on your phone and using the hard options button select cache settings..then select ‘clear map tile cache’. This should clear your driving history.

  2. Rich K says

    I logged onto Google Maps, signed in and on the left hand side of the screen click My Places. Look for any reference to what you want deleted and delete it. The delete function is available via the karot / pull down icon. There’s no need to uninstall the update. I stumbled around until I found this process. It works.

  3. Marvelous1 says

    Thanks for your help! No Sprint rep could help me with this. All of their suggestions didn’t work. I followed your instructions, they were simple and worked perfectly.


  4. Newnew says

    No matter the phone, you can always go to: settings – apps – click the app you want and it will give you the option to CLEAR all data. This is what I did. We all should do this with all apps because after a while, the phone will begin to get bogged down with all the cache info located in each app. Start clearing now so that in the future you wan’t start getting the “there isn’t enough room” message after you take a pic or vid. HTH.

  5. Jonatthan says

    This doesn’t work for my device :( Some versions of android should getting troubles while doing that. I don’t have any more time to waste, so I’ve installed Android Delete History PRO for just 99 cents and it erased all history at one click :-))

    That’s my advice man

  6. eric says

    angela, you’re my hero! It really seams to be the only possible way. tried it with different apps, but did not work. Thanks!!!

  7. Angela says

    The above answer doesn’t work — @ least for the droid x 2.2.
    The factory installed Help Center FAQs says that you can’t delete locations and directions from google maps, but that’s not true, either.
    The correct answer is in the google maps app:
    Open the app–> menu–> more–> help
    After spending waaaay too long trying to clear cache & cookies via “manage applications” & internet posts, none of which worked, i poked around in google help & the instructions worked.
    You have to sign in to your gmail account & clear the history from there. But you have to uninstall the google maps update first.
    Yeah, it’s a hassle. But it works.

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