Allow Program Access Through McAfee Personal Firewall

Is McAfee blocking a program from accessing the Internet? You may want to allow applications such as your chat programs, email clients, or video games. Here’s where the setting is to do this.

1. In McAfee Personal Firewall, Select Personal Firewall Plus.

2. Click View the Internet Application List.

3. Right-click the name of the program you wish to allow and select Allow Full Access.

If you don’t see the name of the program listed, click Allow New Application and enter the full path of where the application is loaded. Example: C:\Program Files\AOL Instant Messenger\aim.exe

4. Close McAfee Personal Firewall.


  1. Deelee says

    I really hate McAfee, it’s as far from user friendly as they get. I’ve got the new updated version (Green in colour) and there is no simple way of doing anything. I just want to allow a file to go through by turning off my computer and files protection so I can back up my hard drive as I know the file is not a virus but I can’t find any settings for files. I’m regretting buying the full 2 year protection, AVG is so much easier.

  2. lisa says

    My McAfee Internet Application list says there are no items to display. I need to allow access to one, how do i find it, what happened, they always displayed before.

  3. dragonheurt says

    wel when i do that i click browse and i search for the program i wanna allow to use but before i click it it says program detected and deleted what to do than?

  4. Charles de Gaule says

    The new McAfee versions (Security Center) have a different file path so this software tip is dated.

    To get to the new “Allow New Application” and “Allow Full Access” options..

    ~ Go to McAfee Security Center Home screen. Four option tabs should be displayed in the main screen; they are “Computer & Files,” “Internet & Network,” “E-Mail & IM,” and “Parental Controls.”

    ~ Click “Internet & Network”

    ~ To the right, the option “To change your options, click Configure below” should appear. Click “Configure”

    ~ Under “Firewall Protection is Enabled,” click “Advanced”

    ~ Under “Firewall,” click “Program Permissions”

    ~ To the right it should display all the programs enabled on your system and gives the options to add or remove permissions.

    Hope this helped!

  5. galen says

    I dont know where to find mcafee personal firewall. I open mcafee, and i only see lockdown firewall, and restore firewall defaults…

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