Add Reminder Notes To Android Home Screen

There are tons of reminder apps available for Android that you can rely on to manage your “to do” list. If you’re like me though, you never remember to open these “to do” apps to actually check the list. I need something like a “Post-It” note that will stick out and be in front of my face. The Home screen of my Android phone is a place I look every day, and there are plenty of apps that will provide you with reminder notes on the Home screen. Many of them are garbage, but I managed to find a few that worked for me.

Quick Notes

Make a sticky note by tapping and holding the Home screen and selecting Widgets > Quick Note and the app will quickly walk you through making a note. Customize your note by picking a color, size and font size. Very simple interface.

Quick Notes


AK Notepad

I like AK Notepad just as a simple note taking app, but I love how you can make a note shortcut icon from the app and add it to your Home screen. Simply create a note in AK Notepad, then in the list of notes, tap and hold the one you wish to add to the Home screen and select Pin Note to Home Screen. You can even export a note to a text file.

AK notepad shortcut


My Notes

This one is probably my favorite because it allows you to make a note in the least amount of steps. From the add widget menu, you can pick an existing note or quickly create a new one. The note widgets are also really attractive looking.

My Notes


Personally, I went with using AK Notepad and MyNotes on my Droid. Hopefully these apps will help you remember important items like they’ve helped me. As always, feel free to share your own experiences with these types of apps in the comments section.

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