2 Ways to Factory Hard Reset Motorola Atrix

Hard reset your Motorola Atrix smartphone if you wish to wipe all data from the device. There are a couple of ways to accomplish a hard reset. One uses the menus, the other uses hardware buttons.

Software Method

If you can access the Android OS menus on the phone, this option is preferred.

1. Go to Settings.

2. Select Privacy.

3. Tap Factory data reset.

4. Select Reset phone.

5. Tap Erase everything.

The Atrix will then finish the hard reset process.

Hardware Method

If your phone has issues and won’t boot normally, this is the option to use.

1. With the phone off, press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time.

2. A Fastboot screen should appear.  Press Volume Down to navigate to the Android Recovery selection.

3. Press Volume Up.

4. A yellow triangle and Android logo will appear. Push the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons simultaneously. You may have to try this a few times until the recovery screen appears.

5.  Tap wipe data/factory reset then tap OK.

6. Tap Yes then OK.

7. The Atrix will take a moment to perform the factory reset. When completed, select reboot system now then tap OK.

This will clear all internal memory on the phone. SD card data is preserved, so if you’re transferring ownership of the phone or sending it back to the store, you may want to format the SD card as well. You can do so under Settings > SD card & phone storage.


  1. hellow says

    it stuck on second logo i have tried every single thing like looking for recovery mod but it gives an error and about fastbot some thing comes like battry ok ok program and some thing what shall i do to get it fectory reset help is needed urgently so plz….

  2. Prashatnt says

    hiii sir when i want to use my motorola atrix 2 without SIM card
    on that time lock penal is not working.always i am trying to open lock but it not work please help me

  3. pasan says

    how can we unmount or erase the internal sd card before the phone gets to the homescreen ( before the start ) , not the settings > sd card …… method … another method ? plz

  4. Claude says

    My Atrix HD stopped connecting to Cell and wifi netorks. SIM card works in other phone. Tried restting to factory x3 no help. Any way to reset the hardware itself?

  5. steph says

    i have a second hand phone, just like new, when i paid 80.00 for the phone (motorola Atrix blur) my son put the wrong shape in the password box….100 times…and then derek couldn’t remember the gmail he had on it,so here i am a ear later looking at the phone and actually 10 months because i also purchased a 50 dollar card for the thing,im tringthat power button and volume down but nothings working.

  6. zaldy says

    thanks so much! factory reset and wipe data in hardware method success!. got error after downloading lock screen apps.and turn my home screen into black ..

    thanks again and more power!

  7. Akhtar hussain says

    Sir pls tel me what can I do prob is this my motorola ATRIX mb860 having prob wifi error on turning wifi and blutooth .


  8. Markuz says

    My phone froze and now it wont do anything. When fully charged I power the phone then it lits the motorola logos, when the second logo, AT &T, appears,it plays part of the AT & T song logo and thats it, it freezes with AT&T logo on displayed on center of phone. is there a way on how to unfreeze it.

    Thank you very much in advance.

  9. Brent Hazelton says

    For certain versions of the Atrix instead of pushing both volume buttons once the triangle and Android guy show up you have to double tap the bottom right corner of the screen for the menu to pop up. Again, this is for certain variations of the Atrix.

  10. Rusty says

    The ok button is the power button. Use the volume down button until “wipe data/factory reset” and this push the power button. Then scroll down using the volume down button to “Yes” and tap the power button again. This should do it

  11. Johnathan says

    What do you do if nothing happens when you tap on “wipe data/factory reset?”

  12. tom says

    Thank you sooooo much beau, I’ve been wanting to throw my atrix against the wall because the tapping wasn’t doing anything! Thanks so much again,


  13. melissa says

    My daughter locked herself out of her MOTOROLA ATRIX 2 by a password. Her sister was playing with it and put in the wrong lock code to many times. How do i unlock it?

  14. Alex says

    I had the same problem with the logo, but I pressed the UP and DOWN volumen buttons and it worked for me!! the menu appeared. :)

  15. beau says

    after you get to the triangle and the robot, push both the volume buttons at the same time. tapping the bottom right of the screen doesn’t do anything.

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