2 Ways to Factory Hard Reset Droid Bionic

Hard reset your Motorola Droid Bionic if you wish to set the device back to factory default settings. A hard reset will wipe all data from the memory of the device and return settings to where they were out of the box. This is useful if you are selling your phone or returning it to the store. It can also be useful for recovering a malfunctioning device.

Note: These steps will delete all data from the memory of your phone. Be sure to backup your data first before performing any of these steps if you’ll need it in the future.

Using the OS menus

If you can start the Droid Bionic normally and access the menus, this method is preferred.

1. Open the Settings app.

2. Select Privacy.

3. Tap Factory data reset.

4. If you wish to erase the photos, music and other personal data on the SD card, you may want to check the Erase SD card option. To keep the SD card data and just clear the memory and settings on the phone, leave the selection unchecked. Tap Reset phone.

Droid Bionic Reset phone button

5. Select Erase everything.

Droid Bionic Erase everything option

6. The phone will then shut down and start the factory hard reset process. When the device restarts, all data will be set back to factory default settings.


Using the hardware buttons

If the Droid Bionic fails to boot properly and you wish to use the hardware buttons to perform a factory hard reset at startup, use these steps.

1. With the phone off, hold the Volume Up and Volume Down button while pressing and releasing Power.

2. A Fastboot screen should appear. Press Volume Down to navigate to the Recovery selection.

3. Press Volume Up.

4. A yellow triangle and Android logo will appear. Press Volume Up and Volume Down simultaneously and a recovery menu should appear.

5. Use the volume buttons to toggle the selection to wipe data/factory reset then press Power.

6. Toggle the selection to Yes then press Power. Then select OK.

7. The device will take a moment to perform the hard reset. When completed, select reboot system now then tap OK.


  1. Ryan says

    Worked like a charm! My daughter got a hold of my phone and played around in ROM Toolbox.. messed up some things… to say the least lol. I tried a factory reset, but it didn’t work, I ended up having to do a Hard Reset. I followed your directions and now my phone breaths life once more. thank you for the step by step assist.

  2. stacy says

    I did the ics update last week my phone wont even start up none of the factory resets worked. verizon was no help. does any one have an idea. thanks

  3. Jessica says

    I just did the ICS update as well, and now my phone won’t show anything. It seems to start up, making the startup noises, but then nothing happens. I tried the above instructions using the volume up/down/Power, but nothing happens. Any other ideas?

  4. Mitch says

    Thanks for the help. I just did the OS update to ICS and it completely bricked my phone. What a joke. Factory reset here I come.

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